Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Little Angel At Seven Months

Last Sunday, my little angel celebrated her seventh month birthday.  She is getting a lot more lovable each day.  When she's asked if she's ugly, she would shake her head.  When asked if pretty, she would also shake her head. When asked with something answerable by yes or no, she only shakes her head. LOL. She can now wave goodbye to her older siblings when they would set off for school and can kiss us with an open mouth. She can now say mama and papa and hubby gets ecstatic every time she calls him.  And as always, I don't have sleepless nights because she can sleep through the night.  By the way, she now has teeth!

Here's more of her milestones:

  • starts crawling or lunges forward
  • starts to combine syllables ( she's becoming more talkative )
  • gets upset if  a toy or something she's playing with will be taken away
  • separation and stranger anxiety
  • passes objects from one hand to another
  • plays peek-a-boo
  • bangs objects together

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