Monday, October 25, 2010

Fight For Life

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death and it is heartbreaking when children, most of all are inflicted with it, thereby, making them suffer a diminished quality of life. These children would be unable to live a “normal” life as most children should because they are prone to infections of all types. Kids with this life-sucking disease are often alone for long, extended periods of time. Not to mention the expensive treatments to help them live longer in which most of them can’t afford. In this regard, it is indeed admirable for individuals who would go all the way just to help support these hapless victims, may it be financial, physical, emotional or spiritual.

Step Juan, for example, is a project started by a noble young man whose selfless dream is to raise funds for the treatment of cancer children under the Cancer Warriors treatment program. It is a walking expedition done by only one man, Tomas Leonor, an avid mountaineer and a passionate artist. The idea is to walk miles for several weeks straight without any means of vehicular assistance, stopping only for food and rest. He and his friends hope to raise funds through donations that will go straight to the Cancer Warriors Foundation for immediate treatment. They are all volunteers on this project united under one common working goal which is to help cure children inflicted with cancer.

We, too, in our own little ways can help these cancer victims, children and adult alike. There are a lot of cancer foundations we can contact and offer our help. We may pledge any amount to buy medicines, sponsor a child’s treatment, sponsor an event and make the chosen foundation the beneficiary or simply just take some time and be there. We may also celebrate special moments with them as these moments of fun could bring them joy and relaxation in their pain wrecked lives.  We may also donate car.   Car donation is also essential in supporting the fight as it can fight cancer through research, education, advocacy, service and support.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Get involved and join the fight!

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