Thursday, December 9, 2010

Little Angel At Eleven Months

Early this morning, she can barely walk a few steps.  Just before noon, here's her progress...

Yes, she can walk alone! And to think she just turned eleven months yesterday! Amazing, right?  Well, she was happy that she can finally walk that she spend most of the afternoon having fun cruising the house, standing each time she falls and plastering a big smile every time she arrives on our arms or on a nearby furniture.

Everyday, my little girl never fails to amaze me and worry me at the same time.  Now, that she is constantly moving around, I am scared to let her out of my sight even for just a few seconds. I am never overprotective, though,  as I want her to learn.  Of course, I am watching over her safety more so now that she loves to climb the stairs.  My! She's got so much energy that I feel drained by the end of the day but that is nothing compared to the joy that she brings to us.  I love it that she deeply adores her siblings, Champagne and Charlton and that the two feels the same to her. Smiley


  • she can walk alone!
  • dances when she hears fast-paced music
  • points to her fingers if asked to count and claps her hands afterwards
  • puts her hands on her mouth when asked to give a flying kiss
  • plants her open-mouthed kiss when asked
  • loves to play peek-a-boo
  • pulls up to standing position from sitting position
  • stands alone well
  • is getting talkative but most of them incomprehensible Smiley
I can't wait to celebrate her first birthday and that would be less than a month from now.  Smiley

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