Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eight Month Old Little Angel

Time surely flies fast. I know I have said this a hundredth time already, but I just can’t help it with a baby around. The more so now that I have adjusted again her crib. She used to sleep in an infant bed and on her second month I have to adjust it because she just won’t fit in there anymore. Approximately three weeks ago, I again adjusted it to a playpen since I found her trying to stand up and I was afraid she might topple over. Again, was it just yesterday when I gave birth to her?

on infant bed
on crib

As of today, she:
  • Has mastered sitting without support of hands
  • Has mastered grasping and holding on things for a long time. She can even drop or throw them
  • Cannot crawl on all fours yet but can pull or drag herself like a military crawl or scoots across the floor on her bottom
  • Raises her legs up and brings them over her chest and brings one foot to the mouth to bite the toenails
  • Can easily maneuver herself to an upright-seated position from a back-lying position
  • Rolls from front to back and back to front
  • Pulls up to standing position from sitting position
  • Stands while holding onto something and would sometimes release her hold
  • Would just literally taste everything
  • Claps hands together
  • Bangs objects together
  • Shout/shrieks for attention
  • Feeds herself a cracker
    on playpen

    By the way, I so love her convertible crib. You would know why just by looking at the pictures above. It could also be converted into a toddler bed which she can use until the age of 2-3 years old. Soon she would get rid of that crib and would get her own bed. Soon she would be going to school. Soon she would be enjoying her sweet 16 gifts. Soon she would be going to college. Soon she would be having a boyfriend. Soon she would get mar....  Oooops! Enough!  I don't want to think of that just yet.

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    Wishing on a Falling Star

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