Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Printer Predicament

I was really disappointed with my printer last night. Of all times, it chose to break down when I was in a hurry to print Champagne’s assignment. For awhile, I was at a loss on what to do. There is no internet café in the neighborhood. I have to go to the town proper to look for one but I can’t drive there using my car. Its projector headlights is just so dim that even if I have to open my eyes wide I still can barely see a thing in front of me. I can’t use hubby’s car because it has a manual transmission and I am not confident to drive it yet. I just can’t ask hubby to drive for me as he had a terrible headache and he really needed a rest. So I just tried repairing the printer myself but still to no avail. Only then have I decided to wait for morning.

I woke up early just to drive to town and print the required pictures. I was glad no problem aroused and I was able to hand it to Champagne just in time before she goes to school. I hate it when her teachers give them assignment such as this that needs to be submitted immediately. I also hate it when problems arouse and I just can’t do a thing. I just feel so useless. Anyway, I have to bring my printer to the technician today in case Champagne will have another assignment tonight. With regards to my car, I don’t know what to do it yet. Perhaps, I will ask hubby to change the projector headlights so I can drive at night. I hope it will be resolved soon.

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