Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back To School

means for me ...

back to waking up early
back to preparing their uniforms and other school stuff
back to nagging my kids to hasten up or they will be late for school
back to preparing healthy food for their baon/snacks
back to studying at night
back to being patient when helping them with their assignments
back to school meetings
and most of all back to worrying about monthly dues.

Yesterday marks the beginning of another school year, SY 2010-2011. As always, I bring my kids to school during their first day to show them their classrooms, introduce them to their teachers and to see to it that they will be just fine. Or maybe because from past experiences, they would cry Smileyon that first day. Perhaps due to separation anxiety.

I was shocked Smiley when Charlton bravely went to his classroom and sat on the chair waiting for the class to start. However 8-year-old Champagne cried when we were about to enter her classroom. She said she's ashamed to enter. My fault, though, because she was late. I thought her classes will start next week on June 15 so I was lazing around on the bed Smileyyesterday when my AIL called and told me that their classes starts on June 9 and not June 15. I know, it's so careless and irresponsible of me for not checking the right schedule, hence she was late. Anyway, things were back to normal now. I didn't bring them to school but they happily announced to me when they got home that they didn't cry and that they did great at school. Charlton even showed mea smiley face stamped at the back of his left hand for behaving properly. Champagne was dismissed earlier than her classmates for correctly answering her teachers question first. YAY! Cheers to my kids! Smiley

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