Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little Angel At Five Months

Was it just yesterday that I gave birth to her? Well, time surely flies fast and my little angel is now five months old. It is always a wonder to see her development and as of today these are what she can do:

  • She can now hold her head steady when sitting upright. 
  • She can roll over in one direction. 
  • She can grasp a rattle. 
  • She can reach accurately for objects and tries to put it in her mouth.
  • She turns towards the source of a sound or voice.
  • She squeals with delight and smiles spontaneously
  • She smiles at her own reflection in the mirror.
  • She can sit briefly without support.
  • She surely gets attention by babbling so loudly.
  • She mimics sounds and gestures.
  • She laughs at funny expressions and silly faces.

I'm now excited on what she can do for the next few days but I don't want her to grow old fast. Could she just stay like this forever?

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