Thursday, June 17, 2010

How To Pat Baby To Sleep

Putting a baby to sleep by patting her on the back instills a feeling of comfort and security in the baby, and creates a stronger bond between adult and infant. The key elements are making the child feel secure and not conveying any tension or frustration you may be feeling by staying calm and focused. Use this method when the baby is upset or fussy, or if you simply feel like spending some quiet time with your child.

Things You'll Need:

* Baby blanket
* Rocker

Step 1

Swaddle the baby in a small blanket. Lay the blanket out flat and then lay the baby, face up, on the blanket with her feet pointed toward one corner and her head pointed toward the opposite corner. Fold the bottom corner up over her feet then fold the corners opposite her hands toward the center, making a snug wrap with her arms inside.

Step 2

Find a quiet room with no loud noises or bright lights. Sit down in a rocker or a glider and place the baby against your shoulder. Keep one hand firmly but not tightly around the baby's upper legs. Place one hand on the baby's back. Her head should rest on your shoulder.

Step 3

Calm yourself so that the baby doesn't sense any tension. Use your feet to rock the chair back and forth gently. Don't make sudden moves and don't exaggerate the rocker's movement.

Step 4

Use your hand to slowly and gently pat the baby's back just below the shoulder blades. If she squirms, make sure you're holding her firmly so that she feels secure.

Step 5

Keep rocking and patting until you sense the baby has fallen soundly asleep. Slow your rocking and patting until you've stopped moving. Put the hand you were patting the baby with against the back of her head and neck and shift her to a position against your chest.

Step 6

Get up in a smooth motion and lay the baby down in her bassinet or crib.

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